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Milling Tools – Thread Mill

Thread Mill

Totem has introduced Thread mill in the market with multiple thread forms. These thread mills are available in the below thread forms as standard

  • They are available in two designs, Regular and Multi-Tooth.
  • The Regular is available in Helical flute(RH) and Straight flute (RS), through Coolant and Non through Coolant, For Internal and external Threading (RHS/ RHTS/RHC/RHTC/RSS/ RSTS)
  • The Multi Tooth is available with 2D (MT2D)/3D (MT3D)/4D (MT4D) cutting options and also for Hard Part Threading (MTH2D & MTH3D)
  • Taper preparation end Mills (TP) for the NPT and NPTF Threads which are to be used prior to the threading options
  • Chamfer Tools (CT) available in Short (A90S) and Long (A90L)
Thread Mill


  • Thread milling is a secure machining operation with less chances of part damage and breakage of the tool
  • Threading in difficult to machine materials and hard materials is easy
  • Higher thread quality: The cutting conditions are extremely good when you are thread milling. The result of the thread is a higher quality of surface finish, tolerance, angle, etc. Compared with other threading methods.
  • Flexible tool: Same cutter can be used for right hand and left hand thread. Threads with different diameters can be made with the same tool as long as the pitch is the same. The same thread mill can be used for blind holes and through hales.
  • Threading in blind holes: When thread milling you will get a complete thread profile to the bottom of the hole. When tapping its necessary to drill much deeper as its not until the third thread the tap will make a complete thread profile.
  • Less wear on the machine spindle: Thread milling will give you longer life to the machine spindle compared with tapping as the rotation on the spindle doesn’t need to be stopped and reversed for every thread.
  • Energy-saving production: Law energy consumption as the machine spindle doesn’t need to be stopped and started after each thread.
  • Thread milling in a lathe with live tools: Reduced machining time compared with thread turning, excellent chip control