Forbes & Company Limited

Carbide Taps


TOTEM’s new range of Solid Carbide Taps, suitable for mass production with high wear resistance and extreme toughness.

  • Special submicron grade carbide with high TRS state of art carbide grades
  • CNC Blank grinder is used to prepare carbide tap blanks to achieve high level of dimensional accuracy as well as surface finish to establish close tolerance control
  • TOTEM Solid carbide taps are manufactured on state of art machines
  • Special tooling attachments are used to get high accuracy on thread form
  • Tap scanning, critical to quality measurements & surface measurements are being done with 3-D scanning equipment
  • Ideal for mass production with cutting speeds up to 4X higher compared to HSS-E taps
  • Fewer tool changes due to high wear resistance, resulting in optimum machine output and high tool life
  • Internal coolant option with radial or axial coolant outlet for improve swarf management and longer tool life