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Totem launches premium quality tool holder products which has been engineered to perfection and benchmarked with the best in class. The portfolio — including steep taper, HSK, straight shank extensions, collets, sleeves, and accompanying products — offers high productivity, increased accuracy, and application flexibility. Designed for both manual and automatic tool changing, These tool interfaces are ideally suited for most machine tools and feature a compact and rigid construction guaranteed to handle high torque and deliver optimal metal removal rates. These tool holders can be used on all types of machine tools and in applications ranging from low-speed, heavy-milling jobs to high-speed operations greater than 25,000 RPMs.



  • Comprehensive range of 450 SKUs
  • BT (JIS B 6339 / MAS 403), SK (DIN 69871), HSK (DIN 69893) tapers
  • All tool holders have taper angle accuracy as per AT3 class
  • TIR of front end with respect to taper controlled within 3 microns
  • All holders are dynamically balanced and also fine balanced to 2.5G @ 25000 RPM & BT30 balanced at 6.3G @ 18000 RPM
  • Form AD/B standard for all holders Data chip hole as standard for all HSK & SK taper holders Bore tolerance H5 as standard for all side lock holders


  • SK40/SK50 (DIN69871)
  • SK50/HSK63/HSK100 (DIN69893)
  • BT30/BT40/BT50 (JIS B6339)


  • EM Chucks
  • ER Collet Chucks
  • Side Lock Adaptors
  • Face Mill Holders
  • Combi Shell Mill Holders
  • Flange Mounted Holders
  • Shrink Fits
  • MTA Holders
  • Drill Chucks
  • Boring Bar Blanks
  • Hydraulic Chucks